The 5th Venture Album

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The 5th Venture album began as a collection of “demo” tracks I had recorded for The Ventures and other songwriters I was working with around 1989.

I happen to meet Greg Kirk around this time and he suggested that I put an album out for The Venture fans. We collaborated on some songs he had composed and came up with the collection that’s on the cassette version of the album released in 1990.


BigDogLittleDog Music Artists – Bob Spalding

Bob Spalding is BigDogLittleDog’s first artists. Often referred to as The 5th Venture, Bob is a multi-instrumentalist touring and recording for the last thirty some years with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame group The Ventures.  He continues to work and mentor other instrumental groups around the world such as The Surf Dawgs, Teisco del Rey, Counterpoint, and The Charades. 

Right now Bob has two CDs released, The 5th Venture and Transitions. Each CD has a story behind it that you can read in Bob Spalding’s Releases.

Bob looks forward to any and all questions regarding The Ventures, his guitar work, his guitars, and 50 years of recording experiences.

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